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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have A Seat & Enjoy!

  My newest creation in my DIY projects is my kitchen chairs! The table and chairs was a hand down from my mom when Mark and I got married. It's a cute little table, but I'm not a huge fan of the chairs so I decided to change them up a little.So yesterday at work I decided randomly to reupholster them. As many of you all know I love crafts and projects and all sort of fun hobbies. Some of them I randomly think up myself while others I read about in magazines I read. This idea is one that I read recently and it worked perfectly so I hope you like it!
  The chairs were made from strands of some type of thick paper I believe, so I knew a staple fun would work fine for my project. There are a few supplies you will need when doing this project and they are:  
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • extra staples
  • fabric
  • foam
You should measure the object you want to cover before you go buy the foam and fabric. I bought all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. Now that you have all your measurements you can go shopping! (*Note: You might want to check your color scheme so you will know what color you are wanting to go with.) I also bought a heavy duty stapler just to make sure it would go through enough. Now for picking the foam and fabric that is going to be up to you. I bought a Poly Foam 1x22x22. I got the squares big enough so they would overlap onto the back of the seat. I didn't make it go all the way around because honestly that would cost more money and no one is going to be looking at the bottom of your seat. If they do, you might want to rethink that friendship...lol Anywho, as far as the fabric I bought 4 yards and had some leftover to have for later. 

Time to craft!
1. Now that you have all of your supplies let's upholster! Lay out your foam wherever you are going to be working.
2. I then laid my seat face down on the foam. I started by pulling up the foam on one side and stapling.
3. Staple down to the corner. When I got to the corner I sort of twisted the corner and laid it down and stapled it. (It seemed to lay better when I twisted and laid it down.)
4. Do this all the way around. (It might help if you had someone to help you.) I pulled the foam pretty tight, but not wicked tight or anything.

 5.  Lay out your fabric and measure just enough to overlap just as you had the foam. (Again, no one is going to see it so that is up to you.)
6. Start on an edge again and staple down to the corner. (Remember to pull tightly so it isn't to loose.) When you come to a corner just twist the fabric, lay it down, and staple it. You will also want to twist two sides on each corner. If you look in the picture posted below you should be able to see mine. It adds more of a classy finish.

 7. And your seat is done! Now just repeat steps 2-6 for the rest of your seats! I hope you enjoyed this project and I hope it was helpful to everyone. Please feel free to comment and have a great day!

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