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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Distressed Dresser


I love distressed furniture and had plenty of time this summer to work on some of my furniture at home. I know in the picture this dresser looks to be more of a pinkish color but it is more of a red color. Also, I painted the knobs black so that they would match instead of buying new ones. I tried sanding as much as I could without using an actual sander.If you can get most of the gloss off you should be ok to paint over the rest (in my opinion). After sanding, I painted the entire dresser the red I picked out from Lowes. (I used a flat Valspar red. You don't want shine if you are distressing it.) I also used a roll brush instead of a regular brush so it would cover more evenly. 

After all of the drawers and dresser was dry, I used black and brown acrylic paint to distress it. I mixed black and a little bit of brown together in a small bowl to give it more of a rustic look. Make sure you add some water in with the paint to make it kind of soupy. Get a small brush and do small areas at a time. Paint a few small lines (if it drips its ok) and then get a paper-towel and immediately wipe off. (wipe in one direction). Do this to the whole dresser and drawers. You can use as much as you want, but it doesn't take much. I hope this helped you! Have a great day!

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