I'm always looking for new and creative ways to spruce up things around my house, and love quick and easy crafts! I am slowly working on adding more great ideas to my blogs that I love/have done, etc. I hope everyone enjoys everything I have posted so far! I have added a new gaming page since I am an avid gamer myself. Feel free to follow my blog, and please give me your feedback! Have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A little spice is oh so nice :)

So I decided yesterday that I was tired of the same ol thing for dinner.  Don't get me wrong I love chick,  but was getting a little burn out with the way I prepared it.  So i decided to switch it up!  I knew I wanted something spicy, but wasn't sure how to go about fixing it.  I looked in the spice cabinet and grabbed these things: garlic powder, crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, sage, and basil.  (They may not go together but it happened haha) I mixed about (a little less for some)  1 tbs of each into a bowl, stirred and covered the chicken.  After that I looked in the fridge to see what else I had... ok I've got an anahiem (excuse the spelling)  pepper,  bell pepper, onoins, and a mixture of squash, celery, carrots. I threw all of them in a skillet with some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and set the stove on about a 4 1/2.  After about 3 minutes I put in the chicken and let it cook! It was so good! I hope you all enjoy this recipe and try it yourself!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This show is going to be amazing! I've never been but am totally wickedly pumped for it! Check it out :) That's all I have to say about that...

Friday, February 18, 2011

"I read about it...in a book..."

Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, biography, true crime, and much more. There are many genres to choose from when deciding what to read. I love to read and ever since I got my Nookcolor I have more books to read than I have time for! So I've decided that ever book I read (good or bad) I would like to talk about on my blog with all of you! Please feel free to give your feedback! I want to know what you think and I love to hear from you! So here goes!

My first book is called Columbine and was written by Dave Cullen. I usually enjoy reading non-fiction or true crime books so this was right up my alley! I guess I find it more interesting knowing that things are real? I also find it kind of interesting seeing how these people act, think, feel. I guess because at one point I wanted to go into psychology. Anyway, I saw the cover of this book whlie looking online and was pretty much pulled in. It's a picture of the school (small on the bottom) and the sky...I guess all the blue and white of the sky makes it stand out. I saw the name and thought, " I already know the story of what happened what more can there be?" This book really surprised me on how good it was!

The book is about the tragedy that took place at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked in Columbine and started shooting everyone in their path. Teachers, students, other faculty. They didn't care who was killed or injured. They wanted this massacre to be bigger than the Oklahoma City bombings. But why did they even want to do this in the first place? What did their parents think? What were they like in the years before the shooting? This book gives every detail I feel...

Parts of this book may be a little disturbing. It was for me especially when they were giving a detailed account of what happened that day, but still interesting. It also talks about how they lived, where they worked, how they acted, etc. They seemed pretty normal looking in from the outside, but they were anything but normal. Eric seemed to be the ringleader of this disaster, but Dylan was depressed and ended up going along with whatever Eric said. Their parents saw no signs and always seems to treat both children in a loving manner.

As this book progresses, it talks about the aftermath and what has become of it till today. It gives many details of family and loved ones that were injured or killed that day. It talks about what they went through and how they felt. Some were angry, others were crushed, a lot ended up having to have therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I will say though that this book is not ALL sad...There are some uplitfing moments! Even though Patrick Ireland was shot, and paralyzed on one side, he managed to drag his body to a window and fall out. He was taken to the hospital and immediately to surgery. They thought he would never be able to walk, or talk correctly (make sentences, anything), but he did. He can walk, talk, make sentences, pretty much anything! It was amazing!

I would recommend this book to anyone. It was a great read and kept my attention the whole time. I hope you all enjoyed my blog on this book. Like I said  before please give your feedback so I can hopefully make it better the next time :) Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Great Ideas! ~From Flea Market Finds to Savvy Storage~

I have some more great ideas for everyone! I love doing crafts that give a vintage look to my home, but I'm not the most creative person. Sometimes I may be able to come up with a few things on my own to create something cute, but most of the time I am looking for new things! I look online a lot for new ideas that are crafty yet inexspensive! I'm DEF not going to spend tons of money decorating my house. I would rather make it myself and save some money doing it! Lately, I have been finding TONS of ideas with Better Homes and Gardens. I will usually post them on my blog, give directions and tips, then do the craft myself. :) Then I can post my own pictures and tell you what I thought about it in the end. So I found some pictures of these cute, savvy, flea market crafts. Feel free to click on the link and look at the pictures. I am definitely going to be doing some thrifting soon to see what I can find! Of course it doesn't have to be exactly like the picture, make it your own! But it sure does give you somewhere to start! Check out this site and post comments or even some ideas you may have to change up the project to make it your own! (and post pics if you try it!) Thanks and have a great day! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Headboard - Better Homes and Gardens

This is another project that I am about to start working on! I have been looking and looking for a bed that I liked...problem? Well, I am def not going to spend a ton of money on a bed that I just think is "ok" and trust me I've looked everywhere! I found this link with DIY headboards and LOVE it! I believe I will also try this craft after the filing cabinet project :) Tell me what you think. I love the feedback! Enjoy!

A Great Craft In Store For You :)

There are a few things I've been wanting to do around the house to spruce a few things up! One thing being our filing cabinet! My mom had given us the filing cabinet because we greatly needed a place to store files, etc. I knew it had to be painted, but wasn't sure what color, or how to go about it. I came across this great idea while online and thought I would share it with all of you and also try it myself this weekend! Painted filing cabinets with decorative paper on the doors, how cute is that?! I will definitely share my pictures and tips with you that I find! These are pics that I found on the internet for now :)
So you pick the color that you want to paint the cabinet (your main color). Then I read to take the doors off of the cabinet, but you could also just tape around the doors and spray paint around it. (Probably what I am going to do! haha) After painting it be sure to let it dry good. As for the paper, I'm sure places like Hobby Lobby and other craft stores will have paper like this. (You could even use wallpaper I'm sure, just message me if you get lost with the whole paper situation.) I would advise taking the handles off of the doors before you put the paper on and just cut around the areas where the paper should not be. (Cutting around those areas seems to be the hardest part of this craft.) Then just put the handles back on the doors and put everything back in place! And you're done! I really hope you all enjoyed this craft. I can't wait to try it! 

This craft looks to me on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hardest) about a 4 or 5? I will be sure to update that again AFTER I do it! :) Thanks!