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 Halo 4
 If you love the Halo series like I do, then you are probably excited for the newest addition of Halo to launch this fall! I enjoyed the week-long presentation of the gaming world's most anticipated event of the year. The E3 event premiered all of the newest games and consoles that are set to launch sometime this year. I myself am an Xbox fan, but did enjoy seeing what new gadgets are coming out for all of the gaming consoles. I thought that I would share a few of the things that I am very much looking forward to this fall and hopefully you are also. My first excitement would be Halo 4. Now initially I thought this Halo would be like all of the other ones just maybe some new maps, but it seems that there will be some new characters also. New alien predators and bugs to gun down. :) This excited me! Below I have attached a link to the trailer for you to take a look at!

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