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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is going on?!

I haven't had much time to blog about anything going on or any new projects I've been working on because I've been working my life away! Besides that I haven't done much of anything...My husband did decide however, that we were going to start watching the show Lost. It didn't look like a show that would appeal to me, but I decided to just go ahead and watch it anyway. Did I enjoy it?! Heck yes I did! haha This show is very captivating. It has kept me pulled in since episode 1.
The show is about a plane that gets off track somewhere from Australia to Los Angeles. It loses signal with the base and ends up crashing on some what seems to be deserted island. There were about 43 people that survived the crash, and are trying to make it off the island somehow. The show has all sorts of twists and turns that keep you itching for more, especially at the end of each episode! (Something crazy always happens at the end of each show.) As the people are on the island with all the strange things that are happening, there are flashbacks of some of the main characters on the show, and how they all end up connected.
I guess this is mine and Mark's new hobby for the next while since we work so much lol. It might sound crazy to write about a show, but its amazing. :) I'm very eager to see what's going to happen in the second season!
As for now, have a blessed day and I will talk to you all later! :)

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